Crowdfunding Travel

Crowdfunding can make that trip, travel, holiday or vacation possible.

By starting a fundraiser on the online crowdfunding platform of Spendenaktion, you can collect donations online for any travel related goal. E.g. a trip abroad to fulfil an international internship, a family reunion, a necessary trip abroad for medical treatment or just a vacation or holiday. Any travel related cause or goal can be supported by starting a crowdfunder on Spendenaktion. ! 


Crowdfunding to get your travel plans on the road? Easy with Spendenaktion.

Necessity or wish? For yourself or for a friend or family member? Start raising funds through online crowdfunding with Spendenaktion for that trip you have been planning or for somebody who needs to go abroad for whatever reason, cause or goal. Travel costs money and online crowdfunding can be a great way to make a trip possible. 

Setting up a crowdfunding for a travel related goal is fast and easy on the Spendenaktion crowdfunding platform. You can have your fundraising page up and online within a few minutes so you can start sharing it with your network.        

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