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Spendenaktion is one of the most inexpensive crowdfunding & donation platforms. Setting up and starting a Spendenaktion is completely free. Fees will only be charged for successful donations. No cure no pay! We do not ask for an extra contributions or tips from donors and we pay out every week.

Platform fees

Spendenaktion charges a fee of 5% including VAT (4.2% excluding VAT) on successful donations. Minimum donation is €5,-.

Transaction fees

The fixed transaction costs are €0,50 including VAT (€0.42 excluding VAT) per donation. This amount covers the costs of receiving and processing (via Mollie), managing and paying out the donations on a weekly basis.

Some payment methods charge additional variable transaction costs. Here is an overview of the payment methods and the costs (incl. VAT):

In order to receive and process donations online, we work together with Mollie, one of the largest and most secure payment service providers in Europe. Payments are made via the Mollie account of Spendenaktion.

Adding a bankaccount and pay out

Add your bank account in the Bank Account tab in your dashboard and link it to your fundraiser(s).

Donors pay securely via Mollie. All donations - after deduction of platform and transaction fees - go directly to your Spendenaktion account and are immediately visible in your dashboard. Pay out of your donations takes place once a week on Tuesday. The donations and fees are shown in your dashboard. Fees are automatically deducted from the donations.

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