Crowdfunding Neighbourhood or Community

Start a crowdfunding for a project or goal for your community!

By starting a fundraiser through crowdfunding you can quickly and easily collect donations online for any project or goal in your neighbourhood or community. Do children need a new playground or does an old playground ned to be renovated? Or perhaps you’d like to organise a community event? Or place an AED-defibrillator. Any community or local goal can be reached by raising funds with Spendenaktion.     


Crowdfunding for your community: this is how it works

The neighbourhood and community plays an important role in our daily lives. This is where ‘home’ is, where we have chosen to live and where we want it to be a safe and pleasant environment. Next to investments from the local municipality, civilian initiatives from the people themselves are just as important to make a community a great place to live. 

Of course money is needed to turn these ideas and initiatives into reality. Crowdfunding is the ideal way to raise those funds.  With just a few steps your fundraising campaign on Spendenaktion will be online and you can start collecting donations for the community you care so much about.

Spendenaktion Step 2 Start fundraiser
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Spendenaktion Step 4 Receive donations

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