Crowdfunding Charity and Volunteers

Crowdfunding for Charity and Volunteer work

With a crowdfunding on Spendenaktion you can easily raise funds for a charity, good cause, volunteer work or other projects, organisations or instititions that organise and offer help, support, aid and relief. Get started today by registering at Spendenaktion for a free account, get your fundraiser online and start receiving donations right away.


Support your local or (inter-)national charity by starting a crowdfunding

Europe has a rich tradition when it comes to 'doing good'. Manypeople are committed to society by donating time, money and goods in various fields such as health, church and philosophy, well-being, culture, nature, sport, education, animals and international aid. Fundraising for charities can be quite a daunting task. With a Spendenaktion crowdfunding, collecting donations becomes simple and easy. 

Do you easily want to raise money for a good cause? Then create your own free fundraiser page with Spendenaktion. With an online crowdfunding campaign on Spendenaktion you’ll receive donations from people in your network and beyond. 

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