Crowdfunding Emergency Aid

Crowdfunding for relief and aid in the event of (natural) disaster, emergency or bad luck

It can happen to anyone; when disaster strikes or an emergency situation arises financial support is often needed. Crowdfunding can be the quick and effective solution to helping others who have been or are subject to a calamity of any kind. 


Crowdfunding can offer support and relief in dire situations

Start a crowdfunding fundraiser with Spendenaktion to help either yourself or others who need support due to an emergency situation. This could be damage caused by a natural disaster such as a fire, storm or flooding. But is also could be the result of theft or fraud. Or just a plain bad luck situation. Emergency events always come suddenly and unexpected when people are least prepared. A crowdfunding can offer the help that is much needed is such instances. 

Start you crowdfunder today. With just a few simple steps your fundraising page will be online and you can share it amongst your network and raise the donations needed.  

Spendenaktion Step 2 Start fundraiser
Spendenaktion Step 3 Share the fundraiser page
Spendenaktion Step 4 Receive donations

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