Free hugs, Smiles, Games and Rainbow circles on my way to Rome

Free hugs, Smiles, Games and Rainbow circles on my way to Rome
Kai Block

On 18.05.2024 I started my way from Ribamondego(PRT)-Fatima- Nazare-Finisterra-Santiago de Compos-Lourdes-Kaiserslautern-Rome


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December 2017, roundabout 5 Years after I saw a video of free hugs, I tried it and hugged over 3500 people in Portugal, Spain and Germany, it changed my life so intense, that fear stop me on November 2018-19...

After Burnout in November 2022, and kidney stones in April 2023, I had to change my life!

The basic idea, follow what i most liked and I will get what I need!

So I came back to Free hugs.... 

But free hugs and money?

There was an inner conflict!
So I started to show the people that I take money, because somebody came to me and said: 

" I would like to give you some money, but I Know you don't take..."

But everybody needs money to live!

I can't say is my job, because it feels not like work, I like it a lot.
And I can't ask, that would destroy, the feeling behind!

So I live from what people give, because they want to support my acting!
I gave up my car and all contracts, I learned to live from roundabout €5 per day and started to give balloons fore free to all kids, have some stickers, stones and other small things for "Pay what you what!"
today I would say, i builder up a little 1-man Circus a round free hugs...
To show people, I need also money...

The most time in my life I was not knowing why I'm here on this planet, what is my talent!
Last year I found it out, in Lisbon on the street!

I bring people to smile!

It maybe sounds Crazy and yes it is!

I made a contract with the universe, for every smile that I create, somehow 1 Cent find his way to me!

And I have all what I need!

My work:
change the world to a better place, with smiles, hugs, playing with kids, make a bit of action!
I'm always a first aid point, based on my professional nurse and military medic.

I study psychology since I'm 17, I can say, people tell me everything, want to hear what I have to say. 
Sometimes they start to cry while I hug them...or I hear, that's the first hug since many years.
Also, I Strand up for the week, kids, woman and man who can't defend " Not my case?"
"Yes it is! Is also my world!"
I go between fights and can teak a punch without fighting back....when I can stand up, I say "punch harder!"


I'm somehow a clown, an artist and circus director!

But over everything,

I'm a Rainbow worrier with the mission, to create a better world with simple thing
My name is Kai 

The €400 are for my basic need between 01.06.-01.07.2024
150€ for basic Food, rice, pasta, potato, onion, carrot, bread, fruits, sometimes a fish or a bit of meat and oil to cook

60€ 2 times a day a coffee and charge my Phone

50€ fore Paulette my company, my doge, food and cream for hear feet.
50€ for 2–3 times a month for hostel

90€ for equipment, shoes and my trailer need reparation, need a new battery with solar charge
if I collect more, I would like to have sometimes a meal in a bar or restaurant, 1 or 2 times a week a hostel,
buy food for the people on the street and save a bit of money for the more expensive countries, France and Germany. Money for the wintertime after my trip, when is too cold to live on the street!





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Kai Block

Kai Block


Spende Sei der Erste, der diese Spendenaktion unterstützt!


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